Why Industry Leaders Choose DYL

Our Advantages

TCPA Compliant

All things being equal, people will do business with,
and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.

- Bob Burg

Over 80 Standard Features

Enjoy Business Phone Service with Contact Management, loaded with features to measure and increase the productivity, efficiency and accountability of your sales and service teams.

The DYL System
Business Phone Service
  • Unlimited talk time and call recording
  • Office View with drag/drop interface
  • Phone number porting
  • Advanced call routing
Contact Management
  • Import/upload records from any source
  • Listen, whisper, and barge
  • User-to-contact engagement history
  • Lead distribution and routing
One-Click Sales Automation
  • Customizable workflow templates
  • Schedule calls, emails and texts
  • Dashboard, reports and notifications
Tracking & Analytics
  • Sales and campaign analytics
  • Lead acquisition/call history reports
  • Agent performance metrics
Liability Reduction
  • Every single call is recorded
  • All engagement is labeled and tracked


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